Split – visit and want to stay forever PART I

If you have ever visited Croatia then you must have heard about the city of Split, second-largest city in Croatia and the largest city of the region of Dalmatia.

City of Torcida – the best fans of Hajduk football club, home of  Diocletian’s Palace, city with 17 centuries old story. Sounds impressive and it is.

The history of this city is carved into every stone, every road and every path, and you will see pride in every local resident. They are characterized by stubbornness that comes from their pride but also generosity. In Split you will really feel like home. One of the most important words you need to learn is “fjaka”. Fjaka is a sublime state in which a human aspires for nothing. Fjaka is something that can’t be learned. It is considered like a gift from God.

Second very important word is „pomalo“ ori f you know how to pronaunce „nije priša“. Both words have the same meaning. In a broader translation they would mean – slowly, no hurry, there is time for everything, without stress and pressur, take it easy, relax…

The most common use of the word “pomalo” in Dalmatia is when greeting each other; as you are walking and passing just raise your hand or move your head and say “pomalo”.

The story of Split is just beginning. We will take to exploration of the city of Split and  and its surroundings, to find out all the secrets they hide. Also noto to forget the beautiful islands of the Dalmatian coastline …how you can resist not to come?!

Take it easy and plan your vacation on time.