One of the most exciting parts of getting married for any bride-to-be is no doubt bachelorette party! 

If you are looking for a unique experience for your bachelor or  bachelorette party, consider renting a boat with your closest friends and taking your celebration out to the sea. A cruise on the open seas, whether just for the day or for an overnight, will be an experience to remember. Spend an afternoon, evening, or full day cruising with a view; your bachelorette party is whatever you want it to be. And we have some recommendations and advice for planning a bachelorette party on a boat.

Tips for destination

Specific destinations make for a great bachelorette party. We recommend an afternoon or evening sail in Split or a Croatian Blue Lagoon. These are great place to have your party and to enjoy good food, fine wine, and great music. 

Trick for budget

Before deciding upon the boat for your party, make sure you have a budget in mind, but we are sure that we can find something that fits you. 😊  

Highest importance - Book In Advance

Once you decide to have the bachelorette party on a boat be sure to book the boat you want in advance. This will help avoid unpleasant non-availability surprises and ensure the proper amount of planning. The most popular and desirable boats get rented first. So, what are you waiting for?! 😉

Contact us and we will organize your perfect bachelorette party