Brač or Hvar or both

Numerous islands, islets and rocks adorn the Croatian coast and make it so beautiful. Islands Brač and Hvar are one of them. They are among the largest and most popular islands in the Adriatic Sea. The city of Split, as center of Dalmatia, is the main connection to these islands. It takes about 1 hour from Split to Brač by the ferry and about 2 hours by catamaran from Split to Hvar.

You can just hop on our Split Sea Excursions boat tour and enjoy the nature, beauty of the sea and splendid Croatian islands Brač and Hvar.

Hvar is known for its nice and clean beaches. You’ll find both pebbly and sandy beaches. Bol on Brač is known for the world-famous beach Zlatni rat which changes its shape, depending on waves and sea currents. Zlatni rat beach is pebbly, with sandy areas in the shallow water. This location is a protected natural area and a favourite spot for surfers and kite-surfers from around the globe. Zlatni rat beach is only 2 km from Bol. You can reach the beach by a 20-minute walk along the sea.

Brač is the „tallest“  island in the Adriatic, with its highest peak Vidova Gora that stretches up to 778 meters above sea level.  On a clear day, and especially after a day of strong Bura wind, one can see Italy while standing on the top of Vidova Gora.

Once upon a time, Brac was one of the very few islands in Croatia with its own river. It was called Elaphusa or Bretanida. The river is now long gone, but on top of Veliki Dolac, there is still an old bridge. History and heritage – all those things you can see on island Brac.

And above all don’t forget the Brač stone. There is no historical proof that White House is built using Brač marble, although it is a legend spread over the decades. Even so, this marble was used even by the Romans who recognized its unique brightness and durability. Diocletian palace, UN building in New York, House of Parliament in Budapest, and many more have this material built in, and stone masons from Brac are famous for their skills.

Split Sea Excursion offers you great boat tour to enjoy, relax, have fun and spend great summer holidays in Croatia.

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