Split Sea Excursion as your top 2020 summer must do

So much to do, see, taste and visit, yet you only get a few days in a year to do it. Seems unfair. To make it easier for you, start with Split Sea Excursions boat tours and enjoy Croatian coast and islands. With the best traffic connections to most European cities and airport, Split is the most logical choice – and it squeezes so much beauty and culture.

Croatia is majestic in so many ways especially because of it’s nature… mountains, fields, rivers, lakes, islands, sea and many much more can be found in such a small country with a big heart!

The Croatian coast of the Adriatic Sea is adorned with over 1000 islands that are the result of years and years of impact from the wind, sea, and rocks. The mainland descended and allowed the sea to come closer so that we could enjoy the underwater world – a land covered by sea. Croatia has many wonderful diving locations, some of whose stories stand out from the rest.

Croatian children grow up going to the sea every summer. And that means swimming, snorkeling and all kinds of fooling around inside the sea.

The Adriatic Sea is a God given summer pool. The temperature is warm enough to stay in for hours, and cool enough to get refreshed from the midday sun and that is one of the reason why this year you should visit Croatia, come to Split and enjoy beautiful, blue, clear sea.

Croatian shores are one of the cleanest in Europe, with more than a hundred beaches having earned blue flag status for their remarkable cleanliness on land and in the sea. That is mostly because Croatian beaches are generally covered with rocks, water-smoothed pebbles or gravel, although there are few lovely sandy beaches for those who can’t resist the feeling of sand between their toes.

If you take Split Sea Excursions boat tour we will show you piece of all those beauties and all you need is book your tour on time, enjoy, relax and have fun.

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