Split Sea Excursion – what does words stands for?

Split as a most beautiful town in Croatia. Have no doubts, just as the emperor Diocletian did not have when he decided to build his summer residence in Split itself. Squeeze through the smallest street in the world and enjoy every day of summer in Croatia.

Just outside the Palace’s southern walls is Split’s seaside promenade, Riva, a prime people-watching spot. Relaxed and informal, Split residents are less interested in high culture than they are in sports and the outdoors.

Split remains one of the Adriatic’s most vibrant port cities, stunningly located between mountains and sea.

Sea stands for the most beautiful and clear Croatian Adriatic Sea.  The Adriatic Sea is situated largely between the eastern coast of Italy and Croatia. The climate in the Adriatic features mild, rainy winters and hot dry summers in typical Mediterranean fashion. Temperatures in the summer may reach 34°.

Some of the key attractions for holiday-goers seeking to sail the Adriatic Sea are the many islands along the Dalmatian coast. More than 1,300 islands are in the Adriatic, many of which are home to farming and fishing communities. Between its islands and its coastal regions, Croatia features nearly 6,000 miles of coastline for travelers to enjoy.

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